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Champions Publishing is all about delivering impact and the results you want. In spades. We’re original thinkers and we’re up there with the best. With multiple RAR awards and a string of national accolades to our name, our creative design has been making waves since 2003.

As a family-run business, relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We focus on building them with clients for the long-term by delivering a blend of the best in creative copywriting, print management and media partnerships.

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Benny Lawrence

Benny Lawrence

Senior Talent Manager

Role: I work in the Celebrity PR department. As part of my role, I manage the Celebrity PR team and look after a number of celebrity clients. This work involves sourcing new brand relationships with my celebrities as well as relevant media profile work.

Fun work fact: When working at the British Par 3 Championship I got Peter Schmeichel to call my Dad (who is a life long Manchester United fan) at 2am in the morning to wish him a Happy Birthday, now that’s a what I call a good birthday wake up call!

Fun non work fact: I’m half French and can speak the language fluently.

Alan Warner

Alan Warner

Music & Entertainment Manager

Fun work fact: Joined a company where we are all under 35 ………………… ish

Fun non work fact: The Champion of Table Tennis in my house, beating all Grand-Kids under 10 and Oldies over 60

Grace Golden

Grace Golden

Business Development Executive

Role: Generating new business leads with a focus on digital marketing. My role includes informing new and existing clients about the key areas at Champions UK plc.

Dislikes: Rain and coat-hangers

Fun work fact: I enjoy arranging cakes sales or events to help raise money for charity

Fun non work fact: I’m going to be my brother’s best man at his wedding this year!

Emma Richardson

Emma Richardson

Celebrity Social Media Apprentice

Role: Working with and assisting Amy.

Dislikes: Being cold and housework.

Fun work fact: I have just finished working at Birds Bakery, after two years, to come and work here!!

Fun non work fact: I spend a lot of my free time on social media, as I love celebrity gossip

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