A book that opens eyes: To die for: is fast fashion wearing out the world?

A book that opens eyes: To die for: is fast fashion wearing out the world?

Once in a while, a book comes along that sets out to change the very way in which society thinks and behaves. Lucy Siegle’s moving piece: ‘To die for: is fast fashion wearing out our world’ does just this in a toe-curlingly, matter of fact fashion (no pun intended).

To die for peels back the layers of the global wardrobe to reveal the uncomfortable truth about everyone from the big-name luxury conglomerates to the super-cheap brands that have become a staple in every modern wardrobe.

In this impassioned book, Siegle champions a more sustainable form of consumption that will attempt to break the cycle of exploitative style with its secret, heavy price tag.

The story begins by outlining the very guiltiest of sartorial culprits and how they have led us to be believe that their place within the modern wardrobe is nothing less than fundamental.

Then, shocked readers are about to go on even more of an emotionally-searching journey as some of the physical and environmental disasters brought about by the fashion industry such as the Rana Plaza and Aral Sea disasters rear their ugly head.

Certain chapters are enough to bring an enlightened reader to tears as we learn firsthand of the devastation caused by the throwaway culture that has become a central part of Western society and discover the detrimental nature that this has had on the very communities that piece the items together.

Above all, Lucy is advocating for a new design era of real fashion where items are meticulously sourced to consider every individual that is part of the complex chain.

Stressing the importance of purchasing decisions bolstered by the principles of individualism and style pedigree. Whether you become a fully fledged eco warrior or simply kick your weekly fast fashion order into touch, To die for is the emotive wakeup call that so many of us need regarding the world’s third most polluting industry.

2 years ago
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