The five summer novels you will regret not packing

Summer Novels

The five summer novels you will regret not packing

Summer holidays – they give us all the rare opportunity to slow right down, lap up some vitamin D and indulge in some much-needed down time.

It’s also the only time many people have the chance to read a good book. So, at Champions Publishing we understand the allure of a summer read. So, we have put together a rundown of the five books that we think you need to have with you poolside, this summer…

Eve of Man

Eve of Man

Author(s): Giovanna and Tom Fletcher

Genre: Sci-Fi and Adventure

Length: 400 pages

Husband and wife, and Instagram’s favourite duo, Giovanna and Tom Fletcher share most things in life, but this is the first time in which they have joined forces as authors, (despite being successful in the world of books individually).

Together, they have written the Eve of Man trilogy.

For this first instalment, we are introduced to Eve – the first female to have been born in 50 years. With the weight of the world resting on her shoulders, Eve must choose between love or saving the entire human race.

Trust us, you won’t want to blink just in case you miss something…

Still me

Still Me

Author(s): JoJo Moyes

Genre: Romance

Length: 496 pages

She’s the author that had us all grabbing for tissues and ice cream in 2012 with Me Before You and again in 2015 with Me After You. Now, Moyes has brought us the third book in the series, and we can hardly contain our excitement.

Moyes has created a character that readers everywhere have fallen in love with, and in this book we once again follow the eccentric Lou Clark as she takes on a new job in New York. When she meets someone who turns her life upside-down, it forces her to dig into her painful past.

Re-stock those tissues, it’s going to be a rollercoaster of emotions!


The Outsider

Author(s): Stephen King

Genre: Crime/Horror

Length: 576 pages

He’s the crime novelist famed for his grippingly shocking storylines and for his art for suspense. And, this year, Stephen King, has returned just in time for summer with perhaps his most unsettling of tales yet.

The Outsider centres around an investigation into the murder and violation of an 11-year-old boy. The investigation steers towards the town’s most unlikely of killers –  husband, father, teacher and coach. As the tale unravels though, in typical King style, everything is not as black and white as it first seemed as shocking answers come to light.

A compelling page-turner, this is the perfect long-haul flight companion.

When Life Gives You Luluemons

When Life Gives You Lululemons

Author(s): Lauren Weisberger

Genre: Comedy

Length: 400 pages

It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t read, heard of, or seen reference to Laura Weisberger’s best-selling novel, Devil Wears Prada. But now, 15 years since it was published, we check back in with everyone’s love-to-hate character, the uptight, Emily Charlton.

Emily has left her Miranda Priestly days behind her and now works as an image consultant to the stars of Hollywood. The new book follows Emily as she desperately seeks a comeback from her increasingly failing career by restoring the life, and career, of a former supermodel.  

Beach dwellers – kick off those flip flops, feel the sand between your toes and relax with this hilariously witty story.

The Bankers Wife

The Banker’s Wife

Author(s): Cristina Alger

Genre: Thriller/Mystery

Length: 352 pages

A third offering from New York author, Cristina Alger, The Banker’s Wife will be landing in all good book shops by 3 July – just in time to squeeze it into your suitcase!

When a plane disappears off the radar and its wreckage is later pulled from the Alps, a young woman named Anabel is left widowed by her banking insider husband, Matthew Lerner, who was on board the plane.  

She is left to un-weave the web of lies and secrets her husband had spun before his untimely death. However, as she delves further she realises the plane crash was no case of bad luck as she finds herself with information that could taint the financial world and some of the most powerful men in it.   

This is a story that will make you want to step into Anabel’s shoes and dig for answers yourself.


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The five summer novels you will regret not packing
The five summer novels you will regret not packing
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