Inventive ways to publish without a book deal

Inventive ways to publish without a book deal

Every author dreams of landing a fully-fledged publishing deal with an iconic press. The stuff of dreams, these deals often catapult obscure writers into need to know authors of the 21st century, complete with award nominations and complimentary lifestyle columns in glossy magazines. However, these deals are few and far between and fledgling authors can struggle on for years with little more than their creative tenacity to inspire hope. Whilst the aforementioned scenario is the grand vision, many are unaware that there are a variety of innovative ways to get your work published that are considerably easier than hoping for a big-time contract. Especially if material is time sensitive or the message just need to get out there, applying these strategies can be a great shortcut to cutting through the noise and disappointment that often accompanies the literary world.


Strike a deal with a print on demand or vanity publisher

Traditionally, book deals are heavily dictated by the publisher regarding volume, reach and indeed if material even goes to print in the first place. If lucky, this is the dream, however for most this will never occur. Instead, print on demand and vanity publishers offer to either publish a book if there is a waiting captive audience or print it no matter the subject, as long as funds can be provided up front. Whilst there is no denying that this can be a pricey option, if an author is serious about their material this may be the best option for materialising a particular vision.


Publish on Amazon

Whilst this may not initially produce the dreamt of physical copies that writers aspire to, uploading works to the Kindle store is a great way of getting material out quickly, at an incredibly low price. Employing search engine optimisation techniques similar to building a website, when creating a title is a fantastic way to make sure that a book stands out from the hundreds of thousands that also populate the online store. However, with 70% of all books now electronic, it is certainly a smart move regarding the future of literature.


Go viral on Twitter

Whilst this method comes with no guarantees, it can be the ultimate route to success if it takes off. Creating a thread with an enticing hook on Twitter is a great way to pick up global interest in work. Picking the most excitement building element of the book and releasing short sentence snippets regularly can potentially be a great way to raise a profile. There are no assurances, but the potential benefits if your material stands out could then be bargaining material for a traditional publishing deal.


Write on a dedicated literary forum

To share work with an audience that will truly appreciate it, consider uploading to a literary forum where authors of every genre publish and share short stories and exerts from their work. As well as appreciation, forum members will often offer positive insight as well as critical feedback on pieces and it is a great way to experience a first foray into sharing literature. Many a publishing executive has also admitted to scouting out talent anonymously via these forums so it may also be the start of something great.

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