Inspirational London Magazine

Inspirational London

Taking our track record of success for a high-quality magazine, we created Inspirational London, a niche publication designed exclusively for the London market.

The capital's greatest

Produced in-house at our HQ, in just a short space of time Inspirational London has become the go-to advertising vehicle for many of the city's most prestigious brands, businesses and establishments.

A flick through the pages and readers sees an assortment of luxury advertisers, such as Bentley, the Dorchester Hotel and Harvey Nichols.

Put your name out there

Inspirational London reaches key individuals and organisations in London, including:

  • Business leaders
  • International corporations
  • Influential executives
  • Celebrities.

So, whether you are a new business setting up in the capital and want to gain exposure or if you have been a part of fabric of London for years and want to add to your clientele, then you could benefit from the 85,000 readership Inspirational London draws in.

Advertising with us will also see you benefit from the in-house services we offer at Champions Publishing, including design, copywriting and print management.

For more information, contact us or download our media pack for Inspirational London.